2019 NTG Camp Wrap-up


Mara McCollor shares the camp wrap-up from the 2019 NTG Camp in Park City, UT:

Throughout the second half of camp, we kept the momentum coming off of the beginning of the week and continued to work hard and learn from each other during every workout. Thursday afternoon, after having some time to recover from the morning intervals at Soldier Hollow, the majority of the group went for a trail run from the condo while a few stayed back and did a short classic ski from the condo as well. After running and skiing, we headed over to the Center of Excellence for dinner and another presentation, this time on team culture. We discussed our own personal strengths, the strengths of others in the group, and things we can work on improving as well. We worked to create a set of values, beliefs, and ideas that formed our own June NTG team culture.

Friday morning we did a distance classic ski with some speeds incorporated throughout along with video for technique, a visit to Provo River Falls in Wasatch National Forest, and some (not so gluten-free) pastries. We got back to the condos pretty late but had a light afternoon planned with a team game of volleyball (from which we learned we should probably stick to nordic skiing) and a bit of swimming. We then went out to dinner as a team and back to the condos to catch up on some more of The Bachelorette and hangout.

Saturday morning we did bounding intervals from the condos, once again doing some lactate testing and getting valuable feedback from Liz Stephen (former US Ski Team athlete!) and several coaches along the way. We spent Saturday afternoon at the Center of Excellence doing our personal strength plans as well as a bit of team core and some stretching. After, we had another delicious COE dinner (thanks again Steve!) and a talk about athlete, career, and education with Mackenzie from the A.C.E department and personal insights from Liz Stephen.

Zanden McMullen, bounding intervals. Photo by Bryan Fish.

Novie McCabe and Sydney Palmer-Leger finish bounding intervals with some speeds. Photo by Bryan Fish.

After getting packed up and sending most of our bags to the COE on Saturday night, we left early Sunday morning and headed out to do a classic over distance ski. This was the longest ski of the camp with around 3,300 feet of elevation gain and a bit over 3 hours of skiing and the incredible views at the top made it worth the climb. We ate our last meal as a team at Tarahumara in Midway and then many of us parted ways, some leaving for the airport, others staying in Park City for a few more days at Rookie Camp, and some leaving later that night.

Sophia Mazzoni, American Fork classic OD. Photo by Bryan Fish.

National Training Group was a motivating and truly incredible experience. Having the opportunity to ski with many of the best juniors in the country provides a unique chance to work together and make each other the best skiers we can become. The experiences and opportunities provided at camps like this year’s National Training Group are extraordinary but wouldn’t be possible without the support of the National Nordic Foundation and those that donate towards it. It would not be nearly the same without their funding and support and it is greatly appreciated. From all juniors, we are so very grateful for the opportunities NNF provides and its impact on nordic skiing in the United States, allowing athletes to reach the next level of training in the summer and racing in the winter.

-Mara M


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