OPA Cup concludes with a solid win by Hailey Swirbul! Hailey was 3rd overall in the OPA Cup Finals, way to go Hailey and Team USA!! #goNNF

Waverly Gebhardt is participating in the OPA Cup Trip with Team USA, this trip is supported by NNF.

Waverly  Blog Post:

Last week we were lucky enough to spend some time training in Toblach, Italy. We won’t even try to describe the views because only a picture could begin to do justice to the stunning place we got to call home for the past seven days. What we will tell you is how we spent those past seven days and how beneficial it was to us. Every morning we woke up to a fresh breakfast that powered our skis at the world cup venue right across the street. Having this opportunity to train with such a great group was extremely beneficial and a great way to lead into OPA finals in Oberwiesenthal, Germany. We had some great group interval sessions, beautiful distance skis, and plenty of time to recover and enjoy four course meals. Training with such a strong group that was motivated and positive everyday provided endless energy that was exactly what we needed to recover and then prepare to the next races. The group hopes to keep this energy rolling into the last races of the year in quebec and spring series in Maine.  

Thank-you to all those that have supported these trips at home including the club coaches and NNF!

Photos by Bryan Fish


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The NNF's mission is to support athletic excellence in developing nordic athletes in the United States.



This is my first time out of the U.S. and competing at the U18 Scando Cup in Finland. This has been the best experience and I am so motivated to get to the next level. Kittos (Thanks in Finnish)

- Mattie Watts

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