NNF Leadership

Board of Directors

Joey Caterinichio, Chairman,  2021
Billy Demong, 2019
Craig Ward, 2021
Gunther Kern, 2019
Jenny Barba, 2019
Reid Lutter,  2021
Yuriy Gusev, 2019
Kikkan Randall, 2021

The NNF staff or Board of Directors may be reached by emailing: nnf@nnf.ski


Our Mission:

The NNF's mission is to support athletic excellence in developing nordic athletes in the United States.



This is my first time out of the U.S. and competing at the U18 Scando Cup in Finland. This has been the best experience and I am so motivated to get to the next level. Kittos (Thanks in Finnish)

- Mattie Watts

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