Athlete Blog: Katherine Ogden & Lauren Jortberg—Images and Stories from the NTG Camp


By Katharine Ogden and Lauren Jortberg

The 2017 National Training Group flew in from all over the country to meet up in Park City, Utah. The purpose of this camp was to bring together the best juniors in the U.S. to train together, learn from each other and push each other to become the best ski racers possible.

We marked the second half of camp with a skate sprint time trial at Soldier Hollow on the rollerski track. However, with a small group, we were not able to simulate a sprint exactly. Instead, we did a King’s and Queen’s court style for the heats. This meant that the bottom two from the first heat would move down and the top 2 from the second heat would move up. This allowed for us to mix up who we were racing against. The skate sprint was a really fun simulation that permitted us to practice skiing aggressively in a group as well our race tactics. Many times, rightfully so, we focus on fitness and strength during the summer months. Adding workouts like sprint time trials are very beneficial to practice racing hard in a group.

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The second half of camp built on the previous workouts from the first week, especially the second time we bounded in the Canyons. We could see our improvements within a few days of doing the same interval a little bit faster by honing our technique and increasing fitness. Other workouts included speed work out at Soldier Hollow with Rosie Brennan and Tyler Kornfield, strength and conditioning with the Strength Coach T and a sweet mountain bike ride in Deer Valley led by Bryan Fish. We were fortunate enough to have access to the Center Of Excellence (COE) to do strength, jump on the trampoline into the foam pit, and eat delicious dinners cooked by Chef Meghan.


The importance of the NTG camp is sometimes underestimated because, within the 2017 National Training Group, some of us train together every day. However, the entirety of the group usually only crosses paths in the winter time during the race season. Allowing for this group to have two weeks in the summer to learn from each other, and benefit from the resources Bryan Fish and the U.S. Ski Team offers is extremely beneficial. The benefit of learning and growing from each other during the summer is enormous since this is when we put in the hard work for the race season.

We are incredibly thankful for all the support and opportunities we NNF athletes have received over the years!



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