Athlete Blog: Mara and Adrianna Wrap-up NTG Camp


Mara McCollor and Adrianna Proffitt final camp wrap-up:

After almost a week of camp down, we started Wednesday morning with classic technique work at Soldier Hollow. We worked on various methods of double poling with Andy Newell, progressions from striding to running and bounding, as well as some balance and weight transfer. The afternoon session was independent, athlete’s choice of running, skiing, or taking the afternoon off before Thursday morning intervals.

Sprinting at Soldier Hollow. Photo by Bryan Fish

For Thursday’s intervals, we were back at Soldier Hollow for some classic L4. We were joined by US Ski Team member Rosie Brennan who was an incredible addition to the workout. Being able to ski with and learn from those we look up to (like Rosie Brennan!) is just one of the many benefits of having camps like National Training Group, many of which are only possible thanks to the work and generosity of the National Nordic Foundation (NNF). Having the opportunity to practice and spend time with the best juniors in the country, even if only for a week or two, is both motivating and encouraging as most of us return to training with our respective clubs or on our own after camp and going into fall training.

Thursday night, we had a presentation on sports psychology, mainly focusing on the balance between relaxation and excitement, especially before races. We had several similar presentations throughout the week, ranging from nutrition to training to team culture.

Friday was a fun-filled day from start to finish. In the morning we drove to Wolf Creek Ranch, a gated community, and got a few hours of skiing in with lots of climbing to say the least. Then we went straight out to lunch at Tarahumara before heading to the Provo River for our recovery activity–tubing! We tubed down the Provo for about an hour and a half and many of us learned it was more work but just as fun as we had anticipated. Then we went back to the condos and headed to the COE for dinner.

High vis rollerskiing. Photo by Bryan Fish

Saturday morning we all got up and out the door by 7:30am for our over-distance workout. One group headed down to Salt Lake City for a more mountainous hike-run, while one stayed closer to Park City and did a single-track trail run. Times ranged from 2.5 to 4 hours and distances from 8 to 22 miles but the workout certainly accomplished our goal of an OD. Saturday afternoon we relaxed for a bit before heading out for afternoon strength. We had one final dinner at the COE, went back to the condos and spent some time together before packing everything up and getting ready to leave the condos for the last time Sunday morning before many of us parted ways.

We owe a huge thank you to everyone who made this camp so successful. It certainly wouldn’t have been the same without the work of coaches Bernie Nelson and Bryan Fish (and Gus Kaeding), as well as the mentorship of Andy Newell. Thank you to Steve for all of the incredible dinners at the COE and the entire COE staff who dedicated their time to make this camp fun and productive.

We all look forward to future camps and the incredible opportunities like those provided to us at August NTG. However, without the support of NNF, none of these camps would be the same. The opportunities they provide to juniors around the country–from camps in the summer to international trips in the winter–create a strong foundation for continued success.

Three seasons of NNF shirts, same shot! Photo by Bryan Fish


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