Drive for 25 – Leader Update


Who’s in the Lead in the Final Stretch?

This is the final week of the Drive for 25.¬†We have had an exciting Drive for 25 this year. But it’s not over yet! In this final stretch to the finish, let’s keep the focus and our eyes on the prize! 100% of the funds raised in the Drive for 25 go to U.S. skiers.

Top States
(see graphic)
Alaska – $5580
New England – $5126
Midwest – $3794

Top Team
US Ski Team – $9663
USA Nordic – $5715
Alaska Winter Stars – $1663
Ogden Kids – $1602
SBSTA – $1128

Top Individuals
Chris Grover – $2641
Jason Cork – $1598
Gus Schumacher – $1489
Sarah Beaulieu – $1000
Nina Seemann – $804

Top NNF Board Members
Craig Ward – $3542
Bill Demong – $1380
Ed Finnerty – $1442
Joey Caterinichio – $764
Chad Salmela – $727

Remember the perks for: Top Division, Top Individual, and Top Team!



Our Mission:

The NNF's mission is to support athletic excellence in developing nordic athletes in the United States.



Thank you so much for supporting the OPA and Continental Cup Trip to Europe this year. I cannot tell you how important this trip is for me as developing athlete.
This trip highlights where I am, where I can be, and where I want to go !

- Erika Flowers

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