International Junior Camp: Blog Post #1


The Leahs’ blog post (By Leah Brams and Leah Lange)
*Photos courtesy of Bernadette Nelson & Bryan Fish



After a valuable couple of days skiing on snow(!) in the Torsby [Sweden] ski tunnel, we headed to Sjusjoen, Norway for the core portion of the International Junior Camp. The camp kicked off with a 10k rollerski race in Hamar. The race featured more spectators than a standard ski race back in the US. Nicole Schneider and Zac Ketterson lead the US skiers, with strong finishes from the rest of our skiers as well. The following day featured a more mellow morning technique session and a strength workout in the afternoon. Both of these sessions were valuable as they enabled us to receive coaching help from the varied perspectives of the different nations.




For our second morning in Sjusjoen, we headed out to the bog for some Norwegian running intervals, a new experience for us all. After some entertaining, yet exhausting, L4 intervals and an afternoon rest, we drove down to the Lillehammer stadium for a skate rollerski in the rain. Finally, this morning we endured the much anticipated bog OD run. While not as swampy as expected, the run was nonetheless very taxing. The girls ran for four hours while the boys completed the full five hour loop. This workout provided a great opportunity to meet and talk to athletes from the nine other countries in attendance at this International Junior Camp.






We also had the opportunity to listen to some highly educated speakers; Oyvind Sandbakk, Associate Professor with the Department of Neuroscience and managing director at the Centre for Elite Sports Research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), spoke about how the most successful Norwegian skiers trained as juniors. Helge Andreas Felberg talked to us about nutrition. Both talks were very informative. One point that we’re going to work on is eating six meals in a day rather than three larger meals–therefore you can fuel your body completely for each workout. One meal we feel like many of us forget about is an evening snack. Eating something before bed and after dinner is something a lot of the other countries do that is unique and beneficial.






The camp thus far has been an extremely unique and valuable experience, and we look forward to the days to come, especially the sprint simulation on the rollerski track tomorrow! A huge thank you to NNF for supporting us on this trip and to our coaches Bryan Fish and Bernie Nelson.

-Leah Brams and Leah Lange



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