Junior World Championships


Support our top junior athletes so they can compete with the best athletes of the same age in the world. NCCSEF will invest $10,000 on the combined Junior/U23 WorldChampionship Project.  When it comes to setting the stage for a future in the sport of cross country ski racing Junior Worlds is the premier event. The USA regularly puts skiers in the top 15 and often in the top 10 at this level of competition. Our goal is to raise the number of skiers placing in the top 10 and begin putting a few skiers in the top 5 in the world.

Our additional goals with this event and U-23 worlds, like the J-1 trip, are to introduce more American coaches to high-level competition, European snow conditions, waxing and international travel. Coaches chosen for the Junior World Championships must be experienced coaches who can support our high goals at this event.

$10k – JWC/U23 World Championships  * fund the 4 extended staff who are invited to participate, flights, lodging and ground costs


Our Mission:

The NNF's mission is to support athletic excellence in developing nordic athletes in the United States.



The NNF helps support our skiers that otherwise would be impossible for us to achieve. We know our Alaska guys will do you proud and be great ambassadors!

- Laurie and Jeff Bassett

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