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            I am currently in Seefeld, Austria where Adam Loomis, Michael Ward, Brett Denney and I have been lucky enough to have some fantastic training conditions and great hospitality for the past week.  The four of us came from COC competitions in Planica, SLO and after a weekend with everyone having a hard time on the ski jumping side, we have all been really motivated to get in some constructive jump sessions in Seefeld.

            We have been able to train on the larger hill in Seefeld, which is a k99 and is always incredibly well maintained and smooth; but we have also been able to jump the k70 which is basically a shrunken version of the k99.  Because there are so many competitions on K 90’s and K 120’s during the winter season, we hardly ever get the chance to go down to a smaller hill like the K 70 and really work on the basics again.  Our whole team does a lot of jumping on K 70’s in the summer months and I always feel like my jumping makes faster progression when I can get some good jumps on these smaller hills.  The larger hill is also a good training hill and we were lucky enough to get to have a session with the Norwegian World Championship ski jumping team before they left for the competitions in Val Di Fiemme, those guys are impressive!  (Anders Bardal was training with us and he just won World Champs in Val Di Fiemme)

Seefeld always seems to have great snow and they have a fantastic trail system that has allowed us to get in some really solid skate and classic distance sessions since we’ve been in town.  I’ve been trying to get more hours in at a relaxed paced and there are a couple loops that have made for great distance classic ski’s.  Aside from the distance skis, I’m really putting focus on recovery this week so I haven’t had any intensity sessions since I’ve been in Seefeld and I’m starting to really feel ready for the up coming comps in Hoydalsmo, Norway!

Now for the coolest part of the week, our side trip to World Championships in Val Di Fiemme, Italy.  World champs started on Wednesday afternoon and we were really excited about it so we decided to hop in the van and make the short two hour drive to Predazzo to watch our nordic combined teammates but also to watch my sister, Sarah Hendrickson, and the rest of the woman’s ski jumping team compete on Friday afternoon.  The girls have been turning out great results all year and after talking with my sister throughout the week, I was really confident about her chances at taking the top step of the podium.  Brett, Adam, Michael and I all met up with my Mom and Dad, and a large group of other American parents and fans who had made the trip over to watch and we had such a great time watching because when the smoke cleared ( Literally, someone lit off a flare in the crowd right before her final jump) Sarah won the World Championship title by just over two points with some of the best jumps I’ve ever seen her have! It was an unbelievable feeling to see her win and it was all that more special because Sarah was surrounded by fall her family, friends and teammates.  And while the four of us wanted to stay around in Val Di Fiemme to watch more races and jump comps, we hopped back into the van Saturday afternoon after watching the skiathalon races in Val Di Tesoro and drove back to Austria for our last night in Seefeld.

The four of us are now headed out for an eight or nine hour drive that will get us within a couple hours of Kiel, Germany where we are getting onto a boat bound for Oslo on Monday afternoon.  It’s a long trip of over 1,800 kilometers but everyone is psyched to get to Oslo for some jump training on Tuesday evening on the famous Holmenkollen hill!  We then move a few hours inland from Oslo, to Hoydalsmo, for the weekend COC competitions.  I always love skiing and competing in Norway and I know the rest of the guys do too, so stay tuned for more updates and hopefully some good results from everybody!


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Thank you so much for supporting the OPA and Continental Cup Trip to Europe this year. I cannot tell you how important this trip is for me as developing athlete.
This trip highlights where I am, where I can be, and where I want to go !

- Erika Flowers

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