Notes from New Zealand


Simi Hamilton steep uphill sprints in NZ. Note number one: you (reader) can do this.

Liz Stephen Kikkan Randall Morgan Arritola level 3 4 x 7 minutes. Note number 2: It will require years and many hours of repetitive work.

Andy Newell. Note 3: So you better be motivated. More than motivated.

Liz Stephen and Kikkan Randall with Whitcomb watching. Note 4: Struggle is key.

Morgan Arritola and Kikkan Randall (4x7threshold). Note five: Competition and cooperation are key.

Kris Freeman. Note 6: Focus is key.

Andy Newell. Note 7: If focus competition hours and years of repetitive work cooperation and struggle are fun and motivating even when they aren’t fun or motivating then you can do this. Without these things it cannot be done.



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- Ida Sargent

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