Sadie Bjornsen- What does it mean to believe?


What does it mean to believe?

Over the course of the season, this Championships, and each individual day of competition, our team has been learning and appreciating what it means to believe. Believing can be defined in so many different ways, dependent on so many circumstances and environments.

If you were to look at the true meaning of “believing”, it is simply defined as: accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.  We are now halfway into the Championships, and if there has been one thing that has directed our outlooks, our attitudes and our performances, it’s belief.

From day one, many of us started our Championships with a different performance than we would have liked. It was like starting a race with a new pair of shoes. The questions instantly flooded our heads… are we fit? Are we fast? Can we do better? At the end of the day, we all had to resort back to our true feelings and believe we could do better; “feel sure of the truth”.  Two days ago, something happened that has never in the history of US Nordic Skiing happened, we won a world championship GOLD!

As Jessie lied on the snow crying, and Kikkan lay dazed in a state of joy, it was belief that created this opportunity. Belief that we were capable of more. Belief that we can be the best, and belief that even after starting on the wrong foot- that does not define our Championships.  Two years ago when our team sat down and set goals as a team that included medals, something that didn’t exist before- we “accepted it as a truth”. We saw a goal, we wrapped our minds around it, we trained and worked hard for it, and we believed it was possible.

Of course this belief is ever evolving! We all have the belief in us, and we all have a defined goal and level we would like to reach. As a team, as an individual, and as a Nation.

If there is one thing that made this moment of glory so magical, it was the team reaction. As Jessie and Kikkan lied in the snow mixed in an emotion of excitement and disbelief… tears fell on every US coach and wax tech, every team member, and even members of other Nations! Something we dreamed of for so long had just happened.

This magical race moment two days ago is just the start to a future. A future of success and challenges, and a team that is putting their heads down fighting hard. With six more races of the Championships to go, we look forward to what will come next!

I want to thank NNF for leading the force in believing in this team, and this goal of fighting our way onto the podium. All the incredible people donating, supporting, and pushing us forward are a huge part of US Nordic’s first gold medal! So keep the support, cheers, and encouragement coming. We love and appreciate it so much over here!


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“To the people behind NNF: Simply put we couldn’t do it without NNF behind us! Rallying the country behind us, making sure our athletes get to the camps and races… You guys rock!”

- Kikkan Randall

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