U18 Trip – Trip Wrap-Up


Hei hej NNF,

It’s the U18 crew reporting from Stockholm, Sweden! We’ve had quite the week here and will be heading back home tomorrow. Sunday we finished up the racing with a relay. All four teams finished in the top 10! After the relay some of the team took part in trading with the other nations. Will ended up with a Norwegian puffy coat, and Maggie got a Finnish hat and jacket. Monday we headed up to Orsa for a distance skate ski. The 80k of trails included special features such as polar bears and terrain parks. Zander snapped his ski doing a sick trick on the half pipe, but still managed to ski with everyone to the top of the alpine mountain and back down. Today (Tuesday January 28th) the team got to know Falun on a deeper level. We went 45 meters down into the 1,000 year old Falun copper mine. Legend has it that the lady of the Copper Mountain mine still roams the tunnels. Big thanks to the coaches for giving us great skis and an awesome cultural experience! Reminiscing on the trip, everyone shared their favorite memories. Garvee loved the breakfast, Ava was amazed by the fancy juice machine, and Michael specified that the Swedish meatballs were his favorite. The limited snow didn’t stop the team from enjoying the course; Annie loved the final corner into the stadium, and Nina had a great time going into the finish chute instead of the lap lane. Apart from the ski trails, the hotel provided plenty of entertainment. Peter liked playing sardines, Maggie had fun making TikToks with the Estonians, and Wally enjoyed making friends from different countries. The trip has been amazing, and everyone is bummed to have to go home and back to school. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

Thank you for all your support,
Haley and Ava


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