What We Fund

The NNF funds “Pillar Projects,”  which are training and competition trips the US Ski Team and Elite Development coaches determine are the key development steps towards World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic success.

The NNF subsidizes unfunded and underfunded training camps and competition trips attended by qualified athletes that are identified to be the next generation of athletes to represent the US on the world stage.

The NNF does not select athletes or determine athlete qualification criteria. All criteria is determined by the organizing entity of the designated Pillar Project camp, event or competition.

Future Pillar Project are reviewed and approved by the entire NNF Board of Directors. Approved Pillar Project requests then have fund allocations distributed based on the amount approved of by the Board of Directors. Based on additional funds donated to the NNF, the NNF Board of Directors may increase funding of designated Pillar Projects or may add additional Pillar Projects. Funding is to cover but not exceed unfunded expenses.

The NNF may also withhold funding of expenses if athlete requirements are not met. Those requirements include:

  1. Athletes to wear NNF logos on team hats in competition, on the podium, at the venue, and in team pictures. (The lone exemption is if an athlete has a personal headgear sponsor).
  2. When provided, all athletes are to wear NNF provided warm up’s, and clothing in training, competition, podium, and awards banquets.
  3. Athletes are to provide NNF media staff photos and posts from the athletes as directed.
  4. Athletes are to engage in an outreach program during the off season highlighting their skiing efforts. All Pillar Projects are reviewed annually for appropriate funding.








2017/18 Cross Country Allocations

Pillar ProjectAllocated Amount  
U16 Camp$6,500
U18 Nordic Junior Countries Competition$18,000
U23/Junior World Championships$38,400
Continental Cup (OPA)$25,850
World Cup$27,000
Other Projects$5,000
Total Cross Country Allocation$120,750

2017/18 Nordic Combined Allocations

Pillar ProjectAllocated Amount
Summer Programming$10,700
World Junior Championships$10,000
FIS Cup Athlete Grants$2,246
Continental Cup Event Support$5,000
Total Nordic Combined Allocations$27,946

Pillar Projects

North American Training Camps

Crucial for athlete and coaches education, these summer trips help to identify athletes capable of international success and aid in the support and development of regional programs. Chosen from race results from throughout the season, these camps cater to Regional Elite Group (REG) athletes.


International Competitions / Athlete Exchange

Skiing development requires great competition. The NNF supports an annual athlete exchange between the US and other internationally successful nations, bringing juniors to our national championships and sending our strongest juniors to theirs. In 2018, this exchange will tentatively include athletes from multiple nations (Finland, Russia, Canada.)


Scandinavian Cup Competitions / Continental Cup Competitions

The original NNF trip, Scando cup competition is geared for 16 and 17 year old athletes en route to a career of international competition. This event is an annual two week trip focused on raising the level of skiing awareness for developing Americans by exposing them to stronger competitive events, skiing clubs and programs in Scandinavia.


World Junior/U23 Championships

Internationally recognized as a stepping stone to World level skiing, racers who go on to World Cup success often have posted results in the top ten at World Junior competitions (for athletes under 20 years old) or the U23 World Championships (for athletes under 23). The NNF funds the majority of this trip, subsidizing the individual costs for those that qualify through strong domestic racing.

World Championships

The NNF provides supplemental supports for USST athletes who are not fully covered by the US team budget. Working closely with the USST coaches, the NNF provides support of these events with funding and public outreach.


Continental Cup

The Continental Cup series is the World Level race series that determines non-national team World Cup starts and skiing improvement at home. The NNF supports high performing Continental Cup athletes with the OPA Finals Podium Challenge. Any US Athletes to be on the podium at OPA Finals are eligible for the following performance based funding bonus:

1st – $2,500 / 2nd – $1,250 / 3rd – 750


World Cup Competitions

World Cup competition is more than the final destination for an athlete, it’s also the place where experience happens, where a developing skier tests the waters. The NNF supports athletes making the jump to World Cup competition with supplemental funding.

Our Mission:

The NNF's mission is to support athletic excellence in developing nordic athletes in the United States.



“To the NNF: The assistance has been an absolute necessity for me and the increased level of support played a role in the performance levels that U.S. skiers produced last year.”

- Holly Brooks

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