WJC / U23 Skiathlon in Photos


Over $65,000 in funding for this year’s WJC & U23 Championships has resulted in some of the best results ever from the races with great skiing from Scott Patterson (APU) who finished 15th and Patrick Caldwell (Dartmouth / SMS) who finished 20th in the U23 30K. Joanne Reid led the US women in 25th. This comes on the heels of Katharine Ogden’s (SMS)  sixth place finish in the WJC Skiathlon. Ian Torchia (NMU) led the men’s event with an 11th place.


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“Thanks for all you do for us in U.S. skiing. The NNF helped me through the Development Pipeline last winter by getting me to the U23 World Championships and OPA Cup events. Because of it, this year I am prepared to win an OPA Cup race.”

- Tad Elliott

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