What We Fund

The NNF funds “Pillar Projects,”  which are training and competition trips the US Ski Team and Elite Development coaches determine are the key development steps towards World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic success.

The NNF subsidizes unfunded and underfunded training camps and competition trips attended by qualified athletes that are identified to be the next generation of athletes to represent the US on the world stage.

The NNF does not select athletes or determine athlete qualification criteria. All criteria is determined by the organizing entity of the designated Pillar Project camp, event or competition.

Future Pillar Project are reviewed and approved by the entire NNF Board of Directors. Approved Pillar Project requests then have fund allocations distributed based on the amount approved of by the Board of Directors. Based on additional funds donated to the NNF, the NNF Board of Directors may increase funding of designated Pillar Projects or may add additional Pillar Projects. Funding is to cover but not exceed unfunded expenses.

The NNF may also withhold funding of expenses if athlete requirements are not met. Those requirements include:

  1. Athletes to wear NNF logos on team hats in competition, on the podium, at the venue, and in team pictures. (The lone exemption is if an athlete has a personal headgear sponsor).
  2. When provided, all athletes are to wear NNF provided warm up’s, and clothing in training, competition, podium, and awards banquets.
  3. Athletes are to provide NNF media staff photos and posts from the athletes as directed.
  4. Athletes are to engage in an outreach program during the off season highlighting their skiing efforts. All Pillar Projects are reviewed annually for appropriate funding.
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