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How are we doing so far this year?

So far 5 athletes of each gender have scored points.  The women have amassed 1433 points and the men 217.   Last year, our best year ever we scored under 1400 points total.  In 2004 we were over 200 points for the first time since this point system was put in place.  in 1993 – at, I don’t mind pointing out, the height of my own career when the modern point system was put in place we were well under 50 points for the whole season.  Many seasons between 1993 and 2005 we were under 50 points and even down around…

15 points for the whole year.

We have come far U.S.A.

We have the potential to go much, much further.

The first time we cracked 1000 points was last season.

The first time over 600 was 2007.

Our first modern podium was Andy Newell in 2006.

This is modern history, the rebuilding of a ski nation that has really only just begun.

Jessie Diggins.

Perhaps the best thing about racing in Poland was the crowd.  They were obviously out to see their star Justina win some ski races.  But they were excited to meet and get photos with any of skiing’s stars, including Justina’s main rival – here crowding around Marit.

Andy Newell.

Simi Hamilton.

Kikkan Randall closing the gap after her crash.

Kikkan at the finish in the final.

Liz Stephen.

Ida Sargent.

Kikkan Randall.

And here are a few bonus shots…

So, we have Finland, Norway and the World Cup finals in Sweden left.  We have 10 point scoring skiers and that without any North American World Cups which have smaller fields and allow more U.S. entrants.  We have 1650 points so far.  We’re going to need a new scale for our chart:

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If your dream goal is to win a Gold Medal at the Olympic Winter Games in the sport of Cross-Country Skiing, here are a few things you need to know:

Training Volume: Minimum 500 hours yearly by age 17

Age 16 to 17: 500+ hours

Age 18 to 19: 600+ hours

Age 20+ 700+ hours

Majority of hours are skiing, roller-skiing, running, and strength.

Race Starts:

Age 16 to 17: 20+ starts per year

Age 18 to 19: 30+ starts per year

Age 20+ 30-40 starts per year

Age 16 to 17 4+ Top international starts per year

Age 18 to 19 6+ Top international starts per year

Age 20+ 8–12+ Top international starts per year

Includes 6-10 sprint starts per year for potential sprinters

Program Needs:

Training with a quality coach and a strong group of athletes, 6-12 sessions per week, 48 weeks per year.

Purposeful and progressive training periodization and planning; week to week, month to month, year to year.
Frequent recovery monitoring and evaluation of progress.

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The NNF's mission is to support athletic excellence in developing nordic athletes in the United States.



“To the NNF: The assistance has been an absolute necessity for me and the increased level of support played a role in the performance levels that U.S. skiers produced last year.”

- Holly Brooks

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