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The National Nordic Foundation announces that Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center has won the NNF Cup for the second time.  With strong racing throughout the season in the NNF SuperTour Series as well as placing athletes on the Junior and U23 World Championship Teams, APU was able to out pace the second place team of Craftsbury Green Racing Project by 125 points.

“APU Nordic Ski Center is proud to bring home the NNF Cup,” said Erik Flora, APU Director and Head Coach.  “It was a good season with strong results and inspiring to be a part of a strengthening ski nation. We appreciate the support of US skiing by the NNF. We are stronger as a team!”

The NNF Cup was last awarded to Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center during it inaugural season of 2012/13.  The NNF Cup was created to increase awareness of America’s premier cross country club programs and to trigger the competitive nature of these clubs in a friendly competition.

“The NNF Board of Directors is excited to resurrect the NNF Cup during this Olympic year.  This award allows us opportunity to promote regional competition and to recognize our top domestic clubs,” said Yuriy Gusev, NNF Board Chairman.

Scoring Explanation

Below is an explanation of the scoring process for the NNF Cup.  The scored event list numbers relate to the numbers on the standings header at the link below.

Results Spreadsheet

Scored Events List

  1. 12/4/2021 Spirit Mtn- Duluth, MN Skate Sprint 
  2. 12/5/2021 Spirit Mtn- Duluth, MN Skate Interval Start 5/10
  3. 12/10/2021 Birkie  Trails – Cable, WI Skate Mass Start 15/15
  4. 12/11/2021 Birkie  Trails – Cable, WI Classic Sprint 
  5. 12/12/2021 Birkie  Trails – Cable, WI Classic Interval Start 10/15
  6. 1/2/2022 SoHo (Nat Champ) Skate Sprint 
  7. 1/4/2022 SoHo (Nat Champ) Skate Mass 6.6 or 7.5k/10k/20k/30k
  8. 1/6/2022 SoHo (Nat Champ) Classic Interval 10/15
  9. 1/7/2022 SoHo (SuperTour only) Classic sprint
  10. 1/15/2022 Sun Valley Skate Interval Start 5/10
  11. 1/16/2022 Sun Valley Classic Mass Start 10/15
  12. 1/29/2022 Lake Placid Classic Sprint 
  13. 1/30/2022 Lake Placid Skate Mass Start 10/10
  14. 2/4/2022 Craftsbury Skate Sprint 
  15. 2/5/2022 Craftsbury Classic Interval Start 10/10
  16. 2/6/2022 Craftsbury Skate Pursuit 7.5/7.5
  17. 2/26/2022 52k Free Mass Free Mass 
  18. 3/21/2022 Whistler, BC Classic Interval Start Distance TBD SuperTour
  19. 3/23/2022 Whistler, BC Classic Sprint U20+ Open (US National Champ)
  20. 3/25/2022 Whistler, BC Skate Team Sprint US Nat Champ (scored according to FIS Team Competitions)
  21. 3/27/2022 Whistler, BC Skate Mass 42km (US Nat Champ) (also 21km for Juniors)

NNF Cup Rules

  1. Athletes score points for one club
  2. Use all Super Tour races
  3. Score top 3 members of the club who finish in the top 10 using Continental Cup scoring
  4. Scoring for making camps
  1. 15 points for athletes qualifying for U16 race trip. No limit per club
  2. 30 points per athlete qualifying for all other race trips (U18, WJC, U23). No limit per club
  1. There will be three team standings: male, female and overall
  2. Overall winner will win the NNF Cup and be awarded a traveling trophy
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