Pillar Projects

 Pillar Projects are where the NNF meets athletes:

providing opportunities, experiences, and a changed sense of where skiing can take them.

Training Camps, Groups and Opportunities:

A critical component of athlete and regional skier development. NNF supports training camps for athletes across the country.

Camps help:

    • Introduce young athletes to their peers from ski communities across the country.
    • Create an inclusive training environment at the elite level.
    • Connect athletes to inspiring coaches, and the cutting edge training methods they know best.
    • Provide chances for athletes to have meaningful experiences in the places that make US skiing special – from Craftsbury, VT, Cable, WI, Soldier Hollow, UT, to Kincaid Park, AK, – and everywhere in between.
    • Create a collaborative environment for athletes and coaches to share knowledge and a passion for skiing.

NNF is the principal provider of support for US Ski and Snowboard’s Development programs, including:


      • National Training Group (NTG)/National Elite Group (NEG): Top U18+ athletes from across the country working with US Ski Team athletes and coaches in series that runs from Spring-Fall.
      • Regional Elite Group (REG): Summer series bringing top U18+ skiers from across each region of US skiing together for focused training, community development, and offseason competition opportunities.
      • National U16 Camp: Summer opportunity for top U16 skiers to work with US Ski Team athletes and coaches, while training with their national peers in an introduction to focused “camp-style” training block.
      • US Ski Team International Development Exchanges and Trips: Collaborative training opportunities meant to foster US skiing’s relationship with the international ski community through our best asset, our skiers.

International Competition Support:

NNF partners with US Ski and Snowboard to provide the funding for Junior/U23 World Championships, athlete exchanges, and support for members of the US Ski Team.

Development all the way through:

Each year, NNF sponsors the US team at 5 different levels of international competition, from U18 juniors all the way up to the World Cup:

    • U18 Nordic Nations: Top US U18 skiers qualify to compete against Scandinavian skiers in Norway as part of an athlete exchange introducing them to international racing.
    • FIS Junior World Ski Championships: First World Championship experience for the best junior skiers (U20) in the US.
    • FIS U23 World Ski Championships: The international junior level Championship for developing pro and collegiate skiers.
    • OPA Cup: The European continental cup, gives domestic level pros experience they need to push to the World Cup level.
    • World Cup: Supplemental funding for US Ski Team members to step onto the World Cup start line.



US SuperTour:

NNF makes the top-level domestic race circuit in North America possible. The SuperTour provides a direct route to the World Cup, and enriches US skiing across the continent.

North America’s racing series:

    • NNF is the principle sponsor of the US SuperTour, including the NNF Cup, a club competition to celebrate excellence in domestic skiing.
    • Results on the SuperTour lead directly to starts on the World Cup.
    • Held across the continent, the SuperTour allows the diversity of skiing across the continent to connect and learn from each other.
    • More Opportunity for more skiers: The number of programs supporting post-grad and professional racing in the US is growing, and the SuperTour is where they compete!



Trail to Gold Coaching Grant:

Giving World Cup-level Women Coaches World Cup Experience.

A continuation of the Trail to Gold Olympic Book Project, the T2G Coaching Grant gives women coaches from all levels of US skiing the opportunity to join the US Ski Team Coaching Staff on the World Cup, providing their skills, experiences, and talents to winning medals and championships.

T2G Coaches:

    • Become Part of the Team: Join the US Ski Team World Cup staff for up to 2 weeks of hands-on experience in waxing, testing, coaching, and all aspects of being a team member of a world-class coaching staff.
    • On-Course Experience: Utilize FIS’ Women coaches bib allotment to test skis alongside the world’s best athletes.
    • Share and Inspire: Women coaches from across the US bring World Cup experience home, helping spread inspiration and passion across US ski communities from coast-to-coast.

Since its inception in 2022, the Trail to Gold Coaching Grant has helped provide 14 talented female coaches from across American skiing World Cup coaching experience!


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