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November 22 – November 26

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The US Cross Country, Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping Teams have been operating on a flat or diminished budget for years.

What We fund

The NNF funds “Pillar Projects,” which are training and competition trips the US Ski Team and Elite Development coaches determine are the key development steps towards World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic success.

Pillar Projects

 “Pillar Projects,” are training and competition trips the US Ski Team and Elite Development coaches determine are the key development steps for future success.

NNF Leadership

The NNF is governed by an active Board of Directors!

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

The National Nordic Foundation is the leading grassroots Nordic sport development organization in the country. We are transparent in our funding, from revenues collected to the allocation of our funds.

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One Challenge Met, One to GO

One Challenge Met, One to GO

Thank you for the incredible support and donations over the last week.  We have surpassed the 1,000 individual donation mark and unlocked the first $100,000.  As of this writing, we $1,500 short of unlocking the second $100,000.  Can you help?

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Become a D25 Ambassador

Become a D25 Ambassador

We’ve been challenged by several generous donors who will gift an incredible $100,000 to NNF if we surpass 1,000 individual donations of $25 or more. We know this is an ambitious goal; last year we had just under 500 donations. However, we know that with your help, we...

Athlete Update – Hannah Halvorsen

Athlete Update – Hannah Halvorsen

I have been to Park City for my share of camps at this point from REG, NEG, NTG, and USST camps. I love the training in this part of the country and I love the energy of a camp in early fall. Everyone can feel that winter is approaching. The air is colder, and the...

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The assistance has been an absolute necessity for me and the increased level of support played a role in the performance levels that U.S. skiers produced last year

- Holly Brooks

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