About the NNF

The US Cross Country, Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping Teams have been operating on a flat or diminished budget for years. Powerhouse Nordic nations, our competitors, have budgets over 25 times that of the US Ski Team. As a result, the US Ski Team has limited resources to fund skiing development and pay the real competition expenses of America’s up and coming World Cup athletes. We have stepped in to fill a part of that void; to make sure that today’s up and coming skiers have the high-quality racing and training opportunities required to be successful in our sport – year after year.

We serve the skiing community by centralizing energy and funding towards a common purpose. By matching our collective donations with funding opportunities, we amplify our giving community, engage skiers at every level and establish a pathway to athletic success.

The National Nordic Foundation is the leading grassroots Nordic sport development organization in the country. We are transparent in our funding, from revenues collected to the allocation of our funds.

Our Mission is to support athletic excellence in developing Nordic athletes in the United States

Why Nordic? Why this Cause?

Inspiration: The origins of the word inspiration is to “breath life into.” At the National Nordic Foundation, we know that Nordic skiing is the world’s toughest sport, that Nordic skiers are the world’s toughest athletes. That toughness combined with the courage it takes to ski jump, flying off the side of a mountain at 60 miles per hour like our Nordic combined skiers, inspires young people at a time when toughness and courage need advocates. Your money helps fund that inspiration and courage. An NNF donation breathes life into the epic journey of elite cross-country, Nordic combined and ski jumping competition: these skiers go out, face challenges, succeed and return to their communities to inspire.

Global Citizenship, Global Success: The world gets smaller, more interconnected and more complicated every day. The Olympic ideals unifying people through sport are more important than ever and crucial to care for in the years between televised Olympic competition. Donating to the NNF, supporting elite ski racers means these athlete-leaders have a greater chance to interact with their counterparts in other countries, to learn and respect world culture through sport. It also means through competition that these athletes can connect with the world standard in their sport and to press towards international success.

Integrity: It’s tough to lie to yourself as a Nordic skier. Train too little, lose sight of the goal or hide from the work and the sport knows. Supporting the NNF means supporting real-world consequences for people in the business of empowering themselves. There can never be too many models of integrity in and beyond the world of sport. We believe there is no greater test site for the truth of hard work than elite Nordic ski competition.

Health & Wellness: Over one in three Americans is considered obese according to the Center for Disease Control. Obesity-related conditions such as Type II diabetes, stroke, some cancer forms and heart disease are the largest cause of preventable death in the US. Nordic skiing is a solution, a healthy lifestyle and a model for active living. Success in Nordic skiing means more Nordic skiers. (The sport enjoyed its greatest levels of recreational participation after its first Olympic medalist in the mid-1970s.) NNF moneys support the sport’s highest levels which govern the sport’s participation levels. More elite skiers = more skiers = more healthy people.

Our Mission

The NNF’s mission is to support athletic excellence in developing nordic athletes in the United States.

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