Drive for 25

Double the Drive for 25

Goal of 1,000 Donations to Unlock 100K in Matching Grants

November 22 – November 26


The National Nordic Foundation is the country’s premier grassroots sport-fundraising organizations for Nordic ski racers.

Our “pillar projects” have delivered more that $1 million to date, to help the best young athletes stay on the path to international competitive excellence.   We recognized years ago that those media buzz moments that make us all so proud, need support long before the smiles and the medals, and we work to ensure the necessary competitive steps happen for young American ski racers.

The NNF has created a cultural change in the way US skiers approach international competition.

Where do the NNF funds go? Quite simply, to developing athletes who show the talent, commitment, drive, and determination to stand atop the highest steps on the world’s ski racing podiums, like Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins.

The NNF supports all levels of development. Funding ranges from the U16 training camps and trips to Europe, to first World Cup starts by emerging athletes.  Every US athlete you see in headlines has received NNF support through their budding careers.

Exciting Goal for 2021

In this important Olympic year, especially coming out of a challenging COVID year, the NNF Board strategized how to better engage the community and breathe a renewed excitement into the Drive for 25 for this important upcoming season.

We’re calling it the Double the Drive for 25, or “DD25” for short.  The DD25 commits to doubling last year’s donor count above 1000 individual donations.  Achieving that goal would unlock an additional $200,000 in challenge grants for a final goal of $225,000 or more in this all-important year.

We will achieve this with an aggressive ground game and a shortened DD25 period of intense publicity over 5 days, ending on the eve of the season opening World Cup. The campaign kickoff will engage the ski community with online live events with some of the biggest American stars appearing during the week of the Drive for 25.  It’s going to be a lot of action and a lot of fun!

Join us to Donate and Raise Money

The NNF has been funding development for years. Every year the NNF funds:

  • National Training Group Program (NTG), National Elite Training Group Program (NEG) and U16 National Camp prepare our most talented athletes for international success
  • US World Junior and U23 teams, helping athletes across the nation ascend to the highest levels of world Nordic events
  • Athletes getting their first tastes of European competitions at the under-18 Nordic Nation’s Championships & OPA Cup competitions

The NNF is an integral part of our Nation’s building blocks for competitive success. Furthermore, the NNF, through its annual fundraising efforts, the Drive for 25 and the NNF Auction, catalyzes the US skiing community to come together.

Become a part of the National Nordic Foundation. Participate in this year’s “Double the Drive for 25” beginning November 22, 2021 and help us spread the word on skiing, help our grassroots mission and help us get more racers to the start line and to the top of the results.

Become an Ambassador!

To become an ambassador and start a fundraising campaign for the Double the Drive for 25, please click on the links below.

Create a Challenge Grant!

Interested in Doubling your, create a challenge grant!  Contact Reese for more info.

Our Mission

The NNF’s mission is to support athletic excellence in developing nordic athletes in the United States.

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