STEP 1: Register as an Ambassador

By clicking the appropriate blue button below: Cross Country, or Nordic Combined.

STEP 2: Set a Fundraising Goal

A tangible starting point is to recruit 10 donations of $25 or more, so you could set your goal at $250. However, we’ve seen ambassadors raise as much as $5,000, so we encourage lofty goals!.

STEP 3: Personalize your Page

Share why NNF is important to you, and don’t forget to include a photo!

STEP 4: Launch Your Page on November 20th!

We’re asking everyone to launch and promote their page on November 20th. Starting that Monday, the Drive for 25 goes into full swing, and we encourage all forms of creativity to draw attention to your page!

STEP 5: Donate to Your Page

Make a small donation to your fundraising page. The size doesn’t matter, but doing so helps kick things off on your page and brings it publicity on our fundraising page! 

STEP 6: Reach out to Donors 

Use your best fundraising tool: yourself! Reach out to family, friends, and your ski community to help get donations for this year’s Drive for 25! In-person asks and emails are most-effective direct actions to raise money.

STEP 7: Motivate

Out for your first ski on snow of the season? Getting excited about the World Cup? Remind those who are excited about skiing that there’s an easy way to support it going on RIGHT NOW! 

New this year, The end of the Drive for 25 coincides with Giving Tuesday!

(Images: Fuller)

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