World Cup Fan Bibs

World Cup Fan Bibs

 Wear your pride in American skiing while supporting its future too!

Borah Teamwear – USA Ski Team Fan Club Bibs

  • **Available On-Site**
  • $50/bib with proceeds benefitting NNF.
  • One size fits all.
  • All orders will ship by Feb 1.
  • Bibs will now be sold onsite from the NNF tent at the Minneapolis WC.

Podiumwear – Familiar Faces Team USA Bibs

  • **Available On Site & For Delivery After the Event**
  • $50/bib with proceeds benefitting NNF.
  • One size fits all.
  • A selction of athlete bibs will now be sold onsite from the NNF tent at the Minneapolis WC.
  • Bibs ordered through the below button will be delivered after the event.

NNF World Cup Fan Bibs

  • What? – A limited edition run of NNF fan bibs provided by Borah Teamwear and Podiumwear.
  • Show your support for your favorite skiers at the World Cup in Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 17th-19th!
  •  $50/bib with proceeds going directly to NNF!
  • Order by Thursday, February 1st to have your bib shipped directly to you.
  • Orders placed after the date above can be picked up on-site at the Loppet Cup, at the National Nordic Foundation World Cup expo booth.
  • Fan bib proceeds are used to help fund NNF’s Pillar Projects, creating a national skiing development system capable of supporting talented up-coming skiers no matter their background so they can pursue their World Cup dreams!

Why Support NNF at the World Cup? 

The National Nordic Foundation (NNF) was founded to harness the power of American skiers. The idea is simple; with a community as passionate and driven as the US ski community, pooling our collective resources together allows us to create a grassroots development system capable of competing with any country on Earth.

The North American World Cup races will offer the community that supports NNF a powerful proof of concept. As a community that spans a continent, and sends its skiers around the globe, comes together to watch its best skiers chase podiums in an instance, while knowing the different backgrounds and the long journeys that it took for skiers such as Jessie Diggins, Rosie Brennan, Ben Ogden, JC Schoonmaker and more to get there. Meanwhile, the next generation of top US skiers – the talented athletes NNF works with in our trips, camps, and projects – will get to take their first strides on the World Cup, with FIS rules dictating a greater allowance of racers to the host country. That fact gives our supporters a singular opportunity. In Minneapolis, there will be the chance to see the moment where our mission to support developing athletes towards their World Cup dreams becomes a realization for them and the communities they come from. We hope you’ll join us there!

(Cover Photo: Flyingpointroad/ Steve Fuller)

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