Taking to the Tunnel: US Skiers Find Snow in August in Torsby, Sweden

Torsby, Sweden is tucked into the Swedish woods, but in ski terms, it’s just down the road from some of the sport’s more iconic venues. Head north a little ways and you’re in Mora, home of the Vasaloppet. Head east, and you’re in Falun, the historic site of World Cups, World Championships, and dreams at the sport’s highest level. In August though, if you head to either of those venues, you’ll find them waiting for winter. Torsby , on the other hand, is still covered in snow.

So as some of the best juniors from across the country looked for a place to chase their dreams on snow this summer, they headed to Torsby. That’s where they’ve spent the last week as part of a US Ski Team Development group camp supported by NNF. Here with a check-in from a busy week, Zach Jayne (College of St. Scholastica) and Jack Lange (Dartmouth College) who answer some FAQ about tunnel skiing, take on some intervals, and head up into the Swedish woods!

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