August 14th marks 100 days from the start of the National Nordic Foundation’s Double the Drive for 25.

That’s right. Double.

Covid-19 made 2020-21 a challenging year for everyone.  While we still had incredible support last year, considering the circumstances, we experienced an understandable dip.

And now we need to dig out. Together.

The skiers still have dreams. They’re still training hard.  They need to compete at the highest levels.  They want to continue to inspire us. They need our help.

It all makes this 2021-22 Olympic season DOUBLY important!  That’s where we all come in.

NNF has committed to a robust-but-achievable goal of more than DOUBLING the number of $25 donations we secured in last year’s Drive for 25.

We’re calling it the “Double The Drive For 25,” or “DD25” for short. The goal: one thousand, $25 dollar donations.

If we achieve that goal, we unlock a potential of $200,000 in challenge grants.  Any amount helps, but we think the US ski racing community can and will step up and deliver on such a big challenge opportunity.

The $225,000+ raised under DD25 will write a new chapter for the organization, rejuvenating NNF support of our next gold medal skiers.

The DD25 campaign kickoff will engage the ski community with online, live events featuring interaction with some of the biggest American stars, during a single week campaign.

It all culminates with the FIS World Cup Opener in Ruka, that will send a message to all our brightest stars, that we have their backs in this Olympic season, and beyond.   It’s going to be inspiring. It promises to be a lot of fun!

Let’s show ourselves and our brightest stars of the future, that we believe in our system of athlete development—that we believe in THEM!

Let’s show our future gold medalists that NNF is as alive and well for them, as it has been for this year’s Olympic team going to represent us in Beijing.

Let’s rally the Nordic ski racing community around our 2022 Olympic team by building up the excitement and momentum of the DD25!

We need all hands on deck to meet these generous matches and unlock the future of American ski racing success.  We need you!

Please visit our DD25 page for details on how to donate your 25 bucks, or how to become an ambassador and start your fundraiser to generate more excitement and more donors.

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