At the beginning of July, the top U16 skiers in the West all ascended up to the 9717ft base area at Copper Mountain, Colorado for a week of training hosted by Summit Nordic Ski Club. For many, the U16 regional camp was there first exposure to a training camp environment with their peers, to working with US Ski Team Development coach Greta Anderson, and to the newest principles being applied to Nordic ski training on a national level.

There was also a whole bunch of cool opportunities to explore the high country of Summit County, Colorado. 150m rollerski sprints, agility courses, skiing up Vail pass, and well…some summits! To give us an update on it all, Sun Valley SEF athlete Cora Faye Scott wrote in with this blog post.


The Western Regional U16 camp in Copper MT, Colorado provided a great opportunity to meet and train with other skiers and learn from their skills. For most of the athletes, it was our first time training at that high of altitude, which made it an awesome learning experience and will make us more prepared for future high altitude camps and races.

Throughout the week we participated in a rollerski super sprint and an uphill running time trial, as well as many other workouts. One of the highlights of the week was the agility day, where we got to push our limits on rollerskis. There were also nightly educational presentations on topics like nutrition, collegiate skiing, and US ski team progression in the sport.


The training sessions in the camp were focused on the areas that the US as a ski Nation could use the most improvement in, primarily top speed and double pole.

Workouts like the super sprint are very challenging, but are the most helpful in growing your max speed capacity and improving your start. Often the finishes were very close, as in the photo above!

 Finishing the week strong with a long distance run in the mountains outside of Copper!

We want to say a huge thank you to all of the coaches who made this camp posible, as well as to NNF for sponsoring the camp! Let’s go team!!

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