I have been to Park City for my share of camps at this point from REG, NEG, NTG, and USST camps. I love the training in this part of the country and I love the energy of a camp in early fall. Everyone can feel that winter is approaching. The air is colder, and the nerves of the season are starting to come alive.

I know that this can be stressful, but I sort of enjoy the excitement. I felt like this year was an especially strong camp. All the club and national team athletes seemed sharp and fit and professional. I am excited to see what we can do as a country this winter! Not only is it an OLYMPIC YEAR, but it is also a ski season following a year where we weren’t able to race as much or in a normal fashion due to COVID.

Last training season we didn’t get to have camps and during the winter there was no SuperTour or Nationals. I don’t know for sure what this winter will bring, especially with regards to COVID, but I am hoping for more opportunities for everyone to put their training to the test on the racetrack.

I am now back in Anchorage training on snow at Hatcher pass and enjoying my last few weeks at home before leaving for Period 1 of the world cup. I am excited to race, and I wish everyone good luck!

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