The best way to start training for the 2024-25 ski season comes down a pretty simple prospect: ski!

That’s exactly what the National Training Group (NTG) has been up to this week in Bend, Oregon, beating out none other than their older counterparts on the US Ski Team for the first ski tracks of the training year in Bend. The magic of springtime out West has been in full swing for the talented group of junior skiers gathered from across the United States. Bike rides in the morning, skiing in the afternoon, and more bike rides at night, it’s been a dream made possible by a little elevation.

The following athletes make up the NTG group in Oregon, with the US Ski Team arriving later this week to kick off their own camp, and intentionally overlap one generation of US Skiing’s talent with another:

Joe Graziadei – Green Mountain Valley School, Vermont.
Grey Barbier – Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, Colorado.
Will Bentley – Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, Colorado.
Dane Karch – Tahoe XC, California.
Anders Lenseisen – Mansfield Nordic, Vermont.
Henry MAGILL – Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, Colorado.
Elias Soule – Alaska Winter Stars, Alaska.
Miles Miner – Green Mountain Valley School, Vermont.
Aiden Jacobus – Green Mountain Valley School, Vermont.
Neve Gerard – Mt. Bachelor Ski Education Foundation, Oregon.
Maeve Ingelfinger – Glacier Nordic Ski Club, Montana.
Frances Tucker – Eastern Massachuetts XC, Massachuetts.
Lena Poduska – Jackson Hole Ski Club, Wyomina.
Natalie Nicholas – Bridger Ski Foundation, Montana.
Niki Johnson- Tahoe XC, Colorado.
Britta Johnson – Tahoe XC, Colorado.
Evie Walton – Dartmouth Ski Team, New Hampshire.

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