The National Nordic Foundation would like to thank the entire Nordic community who gave their support through this year’s NNF summer auction.

In total, skiers and supporters across the US came together to put $30,937 towards the future of Nordic skiing in the United States. These contributions will be a crucial component of a successful winter season the US Ski Team, and all of its junior programming. This generosity from the skiing community also represents commitment to the values of competitive equity and long-term development on a national scale for skiers across the country. In a fundraiser where NNF leadership set a goal to raise $20,000, the US ski community contributed nearly $10,000 above and beyond.

All of those involved with the NNF hope that the American ski community can watch with extra pride this winter knowing that the accomplishments of those representing the United States at the sport’s highest level are supported by a generous community that is committed to seeing athletes from all backgrounds succeed.

From all of us at NNF, and the hundreds of athletes who these funds support, thank you.

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