Coming into the final weekend of SuperTour action Thursday, the gap between Alaska Pacific University (APU) and the University of Utah (UU) in this year’s NNF Cup competition was just 4 points. With four days of racing, the points totals of each and every race will be ones to look at for hints of which of the two leading clubs in US Skiing, and Thursday’s 10 k classic offered a great opening act in the final run-in.

In the Women’s race, Novie McCabe scored the max point total for APU, taking a win over former teammate and recently crowned NCAA Champion Sydney Palmer-Leger for UU. Third place went to Bridger Ski Foundation’s (BSF) Erin Bianco, which helped spell out the min clubs competing for the NNF Cup as well. McCabe, with Palmer-Leger, and Bianco third, more or less kept the points gaps in the Cup constant, with Renae Anderson in 8th place helping add to APU’s totals slightly, and a 4th place for Margie Freed with the Crafstbury Ski Club helping cement the Vermont’s club lead in the Women’s NNF Cup classification.

The Overall though, would be shaken up with the placings from the Men’s race. There, the winner was Canadian Antoine Cyr, with John Steel Hagenbuch taking second place. For the NNF Cup, the consequential placing began with third place, as Zanden McMullen completed the Overall podium with third place, and in doing so, led an APU squad which took 4 spots in the top ten, with Scott Patterson 6th, Hunter Wonders 7th, and Luke Jager 8th. UU still had an impressive performance, but the depth of APU helped score the Alaskan club a net gain over the Utes top performances from Joe Davies, in 5th, and Brian Bushey in 10th.

After one day of racing then, APU’s lead went from 4 points over UU to 47 points. Even that though, isn’t definitive. Action at SuperTour Finals resumes Saturday with a Classic Sprint, before a Team Sprint Sunday, and a season Finale skate 40 k on Tuesday in what is looking to shape like the first real snowstorm of the season, here in the spring, in Duluth. It’s a fitting setting, for a grand finale.

Full Duluth CXC Cup SuperTour Information HERE

NNF Cup Standings


NNF Cup Standings Ahead of SuperTour Finals in Duluth, MN


  1. Alaska Pacific University – 810 points.
  2. University of Utah – 763 points.
  3. Bridger Ski Foundation – 711 points.


  1. Alaska Pacfic University – 655 points.
  2. Bridger Ski Foundation – 401 points.
  3. University of Utah – 393 points.


  1. Craftsbury Ski Club – 467 points.
  2. Stratton Mountain School T2 – 375 points.
  3. University of Utah – 370 points.


The NNF Cup celebrates club excellence in America’s premier domestic ski competition by tallying performance of club teams across the SuperTour season. The NNF Cup was awarded to the University of Utah last season. The winners of the NNF Cup receive a $3000 cash prize, and the honor of the top domestic ski club in US Skiing.

NNF Cup Rules and Regulations can be found here.

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