The National Nordic Foundation (NNF) is excited to announce the next talk in our virtual speaker series, after the success of our first lecture with Dr. Stephen Seiler. In keeping with the theme of education on training physiology, our next event will feature a talk entitled “Optimizing Long-Term Performance-Development in Endurance Sports” delivered by Norwegian Researcher Øyvind Sandbakk on December 16th at 1:00pm EST.

Our lecture series is free to attend, with a recommended $25 donation going directly to NNF to support our Pillar Projects this winter, and beyond. Donation and registration for Sandbakk’s talk on Friday, December 16th at 1:00pm EST can be found here and here. Limited to the first three-hundred participants. Registrants will receive a recording of the talk afterwards. You must be registered beforehand to receive a recording.

The NNF virtual lecture series serves a dual-purpose in benefitting the American ski community; offering an exceptional sport education opportunity while helping power the grassroots movement to bring the latest ideas in training and developmental philosophy to US skiing’s program. By doing so virtually, NNF has committed to making the latest knowledge in nordic skiing accessible to all those parties interested in pushing our sport, and community, forward.

Øyvind Sandbakk

Øyvind Sandbakk is a Professor with the Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science and Director of the Centre for Elite Sports Research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). In addition, he is Editor-in-Chief for the leading sport science journal International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance and is head of the board for the Norwegian Ski Federation’s Coach Association. Professor Sandbakk has currently published 180 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals, more than 100 conference proceedings, as well multiple books in the field of sport science and medicine. His leadership as Director at the Centre for Elite Sports Research at NTNU and previously as Head of Research and Development at The Norwegian Top Sport Centre (Olympiatoppen) has allowed unique access to cooperation with sport coaches and the world’s best-performing athletes, as well as to implement findings in the services and training practices in Norwegian sport.

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