US Skiing is coming off one of the most exciting winters in recent memory. As summer approaches, the NNF is excited to help continue the momentum, again sponsoring a full suite of development opportunities in partnership with US Ski and Snowboard that live up to the old adage, “fast skiers are made in the summer!”

NNF’s Pillar Projects in the summer include a full suite of Regional Elite Group Camps (REG), with top U18 and U20 skiers from each USSS Region joining up at some of America’s premier ski venues to work with top regional coaching talent, and US Ski Team Coaches Bryan Fish and Greta Anderson. The U16 National Camp, which has successfully expanded on this REG model to reach more skiers at a younger age group, brings the best young skiers in the country train together at once for the first time ever, and this year will be held at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. An International Junior Camp rounding out this summer will also be looking to expand upon an emphasis on bringing American skiers together around fun development opportunities stressing the importance of working together nationally as a ski community.

In fact, it’s that creed, working together makes us better, that NNF fully can stress through our Pillar Projects each summer. While the successes and milestones reached by US skiers make for emotional highlights each winter, the true grassroots work – the type of development NNF was founded to support – happens each summer. NNF’s programming reaches down from the national level to the regional level. Our partner organizations at the divisional level have also expanded upon the REG model to reach younger athletes and bring more skiers from more places together. Put together, it’s a recipe for community success empowered by the community. Here’s to a happy summer of skiing!

NNF Summer Pillar Projects Schedule

National Training Group (NTG) and National Elite Group (NEG) Camps – Best U20 skiers in the country, joined together for regular training with USSS Development Coaches. Schedule: Bend, Oregon, Early May. Park City, Utah, Late October.

Regional Elite Group (REG) Camps – Top U18-U20 regional skiers working with US Ski Team Development Coaches. Schedule: Western REG in Bend, OR June 22nd-29th. Eastern REG in Burlington, VT, June 29th-July 3rd. Central REG in Cable, WI July 9th-14th. Alaska in Anchorage, AK July 15th-21st.

National U16 Elite Camp – Top U16 skiers from across the country training together with USSS Development Coaches. Schedule: Jackson Hole, WY July 29th-Aug. 4th.

International Junior Camp – US delegation of U18 skiers attends camp with top international juniors in Europe. Schedule: Location: TBD August 5th-August 16th.

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