Hello sports fans! It’s Will (Koch) and Wally (Magill) with a report from the beginning of August 2021 NTG camp.  Almost two full years have passed since we have been able to come together for national training camps, and the feeling of excitement to finally see everyone and train together once again is palpable.  It has been super cool to see all the familiar faces once again.

Thus Far, we have been easing into camp with volume, speeds, and strength. Later in the camp, once we’ve all adjusted to the altitude more, we will ramp up the intensity and hammer on each other a bit more- stay tuned for blog posts about that!  The amazing thing about training in an environment with driven, top level athletes and expert coaches is how much everyone can learn from one another.  Everyone here has something to give to the camp and raise the bar to the next level, and the most valuable thing to do with our time together is to find what others do well and collectively build.  One of the best work outs so far was skiing at an incredibly nice place today.  We were able to ski in a gated community that had gorgeous views all around.  It was a grinding climb up to the 10 mile loop but overall was one of the best places that I have ever roller skied.

We have all been training hard during the pandemic – that’s a given.  But what we have been missing is the sense of community and partnership that comes when the top young skiers from around the country come together to push to the next level.  More than anything, I think the pandemic has reminded everyone that sport is about coming together as a team more than winning as an individual.  We hope to continue this sence of comradely throughout the week and continue to train with awesome people at a high level!

Side note: Heber Valley Milk and Artisan Cheese has incredible ice cream on a hot day! Also the scoops are HUGE!!! And finally basketball at the COE is the best!

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