As we come to the end of the summer training period and head into the fall block, I have a few take a ways from the last few months. It has been a great training season for me, and I am excited to be heading into fall training with more focused intensity sessions.

This summer I couldn’t get on snow, but I am okay with that and feel like I made most of my improvements due to consistency and routine. There was nothing special or exciting about my summer and most weeks were about the same.

I have been in Anchorage since the beginning of June and most weeks involve two interval sets, two speed sessions, two strength sessions, an OD, and the rest of the workouts are filled in with distance training. I have found that doing this week after week has helped me to build a durable base to prepare for the fall and winter. None of the workouts were complicated or wild, just good hard simple repetitive work.

When I combine that with a focus on technique and motivated teammates, it made for a productive summer. I am particularly grateful to have an uneventful training season, because that also means I haven’t struggled with injuries or smoke or other factors that create training obstacles. So, nothing super cool to report from my summer except big smiles for an injury free training year with a lot of solid training!


Right now, I am looking forward to the US Ski Team training camp in Park City. I am excited to see my teammates from around the country and to have a chance to help each other improve and prepare for the winter of racing ahead!

PS –  Other summer highlights are that my brother Bjorn joined the APU ski team and that I have been getting really into cooking!

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