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The Regional Elite Group Camps are in full swing.  The Western REG Camp is happening now with the Alaska Camp set to begin on July 25.  The Eastern and Central Camps have already happened.

The summer projects include the REG Camps, U16 Camp and the NTG & NRG Camps.  NNF made a bold effort to fully support these Camps this year as they are deemed one of the most important projects that is done in support of youth development. 

It was a unanimous decision by the Board to increase support of all summer Camps this year.  These summer opportunities fit well with the NNF Mission to support developing Nordic athletes

Yuriy Gusev

NNF BOD Chairman

The US Ski Team defines the REG Camps that are occurring now as follows:

The Regional Elite Group is a camp project held in the summer in each respective region. The purpose of this camp is to provide these regionally selected junior athletes with an experience similar to the standards and expectations of a junior National Training Group camp. This week-long camp is intended to provide technical coaching to improve skills and strategies. Athletes can then bring these methods back to their routine summer club training and share with their local club. This camp includes level-appropriate training, time trial competitions, and educational presentations from national and regional coaches. The presentations and time trials conducted at REG’s direct attention and awareness toward relevant cross country skill sets including physical, technical, tactical, mental, and emotional talents.

An example of REG camp testing is as follows:

    • Uphill run (10-15minutes in duration) – the purpose of test = aerobic capacity, endurance leg strength, running efficiency, pacing, and mental readiness
    • Uphill double pole test (approximately 800 meters at 6% grade) – the purpose of test = ski-specific upper body strength, technique, pacing, and mental readiness
    • Skate Agility sprint (approximately 3:00 in duration with numerous skill-rich features) – the purpose of test = ski-specific coordination, ski technique, multi-directional acceleration, agility, and mental readiness

As the saying goes, ‘ski raers are made in the summer’.  NNF is proud to support this effort.

Details on those project criteria may be found here:

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