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Passing the Torch

Sadie Maubet Bjornsen, Simi Hamilton, and Sophie Caldwell Hamilton have each announced their retirement from the U.S. Ski Team as professional cross-country skiers. These athletes have had an immeasurable impact over the course of their careers and their presence on the U.S. team will be sorely missed. We can’t thank them enough for their incredible drive and spirit, each helped shape this great sport in the United States and each helped pave a path for the next generations. What stands out most in all the kind words their teammates shared after their announcements is that Sadie, Simi, and Sophie are not only outstanding athletes, they are also incredibly kind hearted people and notable leaders. We know they will continue to find success in their next endeavors and wish them the best of luck!

“Thank you [Sadie and Sophie] for helping me find perspective, balance, and optimism in sport and in life. If I can impact people even half as much as you both have impacted me as teammates, friends, and mentors, I will have done something right!” -Hailey Swirbul

“Simi you are one of the most humble and respectful athletes I know.” -Ben Lustgarten (after Simi announced giving his World Championship sprint start to Ben Ogden, who proceeded to qualify in 11th!)

“You know you’ve been lucky to have some truly incredible people in your life when you think about them retiring, and you realize there’s going to be a huge hole left behind that’s just impossible to fill.” -Jessie Diggins.

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